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Breach of Contract

New York City Breach of Contract Lawyer

Contracts play an important role in the continued strength of any business operation.  When contracts are violated, a company risks substantial damage to its operations and finances.  Through the use of an experienced law firm, many businesses can resolve their breach of contract issues without aggressive or unpleasant tactics.

Focused on Swift and Peaceful Resolutions

The Law Offices of Kenneth T. Wasserman provides solid legal representation to businesses that are involved in contract disputes.  We seek to help clients address their legal concerns in a manner that allows for integrity and honorable behavior.  Our firm believes a non-adversarial approach can oftentimes be the best route to a swift and favorable outcome.

As your legal counsel, our firm will thoroughly assess all aspects of your case and advise on likely outcomes.  We are able to resolve the majority of breach claims through negotiated settlements and mediation, saving your company the time and money associated with a trial.  However, sometimes litigation is the only viable option.  As an experienced trial lawyer, Mr. Wasserman provides vigorous advocacy in the courtroom while maintaining the highest levels of professional standards.

Resolving a Wide Range of Contract Violation Disputes

As a New York City breach of contract attorney, Mr. Wasserman addresses numerous forms of contractual violations such as:

  • Nonperformance issues
  • Enforcement of contract provisions
  • Real estate contract disputes
  • Operating agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Non-compete contracts

Manhattan Contract Dispute Attorney